KIA Picanto Maintenance Manuals (13MB)

KIA Picanto Maintenance Manuals (13MB)
KIA Picanto Maintenance

You should exercise the utmost care to prevent damage to your vehicle and injury to yourself whenever performing any maintenance or inspection procedures. Inadequate, incomplete or insufficient servicing may result in operational prob-lems with your vehicle that could lead to vehicle damage, an accident, or person-al injury.

KIA Picanto Owner’s responsibility
Maintenance Service and Record Retention are the owner's responsibility. We recommend in general that you have your vehicle serviced by an authorized Kia dealer. You should retain documents that show proper maintenance has been performed on your vehicle in accordance with the scheduled maintenance service charts shown on the following pages. You need this information to establish your compliance with the servicing and maintenance requirements of your vehicle warranties. Detailed warranty information is provided in your Warranty & Maintenance book. Repairs and adjustments required as a result of improper maintenance or a lack of required maintenance are not covered when your vehicle is covered by warranty.

KIA Picanto Owner maintenance precautions
Improper or incomplete service may result in problems.This section gives instructions only for the maintenance items that are easy to perform.

Improperownermaintenance during the warranty period may affect warran-ty coverage. Fordetails, read the sepa-rate Warranty & Maintenance book provided with the vehicle. If you're unsure about any servicing ormainte-nance procedure, we recommend that the system be serviced by an authorized Kia dealer.

The following lists are vehicle checks and inspections that should be performed at the frequencies indicated to help ensure safe, dependable operation of your vehi-cle. If you have any question, we recommend that you consult an authorized Kia dealer. These Owner Maintenance Checks are generally not covered by warranties and you may be charged for labor, parts and lubricants used.

KIA Picanto Owner maintenance schedule
When you stop for fuel:

  • Check the engine oil level.
  • Check coolant level in coolant reservoir.
  • Check the windshield washer fluidlevel.
  • Look for low or under-inflated tires.
  • Check the radiator and condenser.Check if the front of the radiator and condenser are clean and not blocked with leaves, dirt or insects etc.

If any of the above parts are extremely dirty or you are not sure of their condi-tion, we recommend that you contact an authorized Kia dealer.

While operating your vehicle:

  1. Note any changes in the sound of theexhaust or any smell of exhaust fumesin the vehicle.
  2. Check for vibrations in the steeringwheel.Notice any increased steeringeffort or looseness in the steering wheel,or change in its straight-ahead position.
  3. Notice if your vehicle constantly turnsslightly or “pulls”to one side when trav-eling on smooth, level road.
  4. When stopping, listen and check forunusual sounds, pulling to one side,increased brake pedal travel or “hard-to-push”brake pedal.
  5. If any slipping or changes in the oper-ation of your transaxle occurs, checkthe transaxle fluid level.
  6. Check manual transaxle operation,including clutch operation.
  7. Check automatic transaxle P (Park)function.
  8. Check parking brake.
  9. Check for fluid leaks under your vehicle(water dripping from the air condition-ing system during or after use is nor-mal).

Follow Normal Maintenance Schedule if the vehicle is usually operated where none of the following conditions apply.If any of the following conditions apply, fol-low Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions.

  • Repeated short distance driving.
  • Driving in dusty conditions or sandyareas.
  • Extensive use of brakes.
  • Driving in areas where salt or othercorrosive materials are being used.
  • Driving on rough or muddy roads.
  • Driving in mountainous areas.
  • Extended periods of idling or lowspeed operation.
  • Driving for a prolonged period in coldtemperatures and/or extremely humidclimates.
  • More than 50% driving in heavy citytraffic during hot weather above 32°C(90°F).

If your vehicle is operated under the above conditions, you should inspect,replace or refill more frequently than the following Normal Maintenance Schedule.After the periods or distance shown in the chart, continue to follow the pre-scribed maintenance intervals.


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