Hyundai Azera Owner’s Manual

Hyundai Azera Owner’s Manual
Hyundai Azera User Manual

The new Azera is a magnet for envious eyes who recognize that this is an extraordinary sedan reserved for the few. Exclusiveness begins with radical modern styling that radiates Sensuous Sportiness, Hyundai’s design iden-tity. The new Azera also comes equipped with SmartSense, Hyundai’s most advanced safety technologies. Loaded with intuitive features that heighten comfort and convenience and delivering powerful driving dynamics, the new Azera is truly in a class above the rest. It genuinely deserves its title as the flagship sedan of the Hyundai brand.

Ultimate premiumevokes admiration.
The new Azera’s bold, sensuous design sets it apart from the crowd in a field of lookalikes. Just like you, the new Azera dares to be unique with a style that commands attention, but its appeal is more than skin-deep.Look beyond the elegant design and you’ll discover a car brimming with cutting-edge technological innovations.

Hyundai Owner's Manual
Step inside the new Azera to discover an abundance of space, the luxury prized above all others by first-class travelers. Graceful lines, tasteful color combination, and soft-touch materials create a soothing ambiance complemented by intuitive high-tech equipment.Meticulous perfection permeates every detail to ensure you’ll reach your destination recharged and refreshed.

Curb appeal comes standard the new Azera turns heads everywhere it goes. Crisp lines and sophisticated design details make it more than the sum of its parts.With its captivating sense of multi-dimensional volume, the elegantly-trimmedC pillar and rear fender define the new Azera’s sporty, energetic character.

The new Hyundai Azera is a statement of your confidence and your achievements. Drive it and you’ll immediately notice it’s a cut above the rest in terms of design and technology.

Parametric jewels reflect your success.
It only takes one look at the new Azera to see it is truly exceptional. Its wide, eye-catching grille has jewel-like inserts and dapper chromed accents. It’s flanked by distinctively-shaped LED headlights that illuminate the night with their unique geometric pattern. They provide the crowning touch of perfection.

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Make first-class the norm.
Traveling in first-class shouldn’t be a rare occasion. With the new Azera, you’re confirmed for first-class travel all the way, every day. The premium experience begins when you approach the car and the new Azera automatically lights up to signalit’s ready; The gently-arched rear LED lights notably create a distinctive signature befitting of something special. Once inside, you can adjust the 64-color ambient lighting to best suit your mood.

Driving requires constant vigilance, but the new Azera is always ready to intervene ifyou need it to. Its advanced driving aids work non-stop to make you a better, safer driver.These technologies continuously scan the car’s surroundings with utmost precision to make every trip safe and relaxing.

Meet your driving assistant.
The new Azera is more than a car; It’s your personal driving assistant. Innovative safety assistance systems take some of the stress out of driving by looking for signs of potential trouble. For example, the new Back-up guide lamps lightup your intended path of travel to show pedestrians where you’re going when you’re backing up. It’s simple but effective.

Trust your invisible co-pilot.
Like an invisible co-pilot, the new Azera’s advanced suite of sensor-based electronic driving aids continuously scans your surroundings. The system can detect a hazardous situation before you notice it and act accordingly. These driving aids are completely unobtrusive but they’re ready to act when needed.


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