Hyundai Avante Owner's Manual

The way we think and the ways we live are changing fast.Just as the norms and images of our world are changing,Hyundai AVANTE has also changed - completely. In this world that looks different every day, The all-new Hyundai AVANTE can be found beside people who will lead the new world with their youthful thinking.

AVANTE’s Parametric Dynamics accentuate its geometric aesthetics,bringing the Sensuous Sportiness of its design to life. A Parametric Jewel-Pattern highlights the depth of the front grille like precision cut-gemstones, while bold and elongated front headlights come together to give AVANTE its front sporty look. The trunk comes complete with an edgy spoiler and an integral taillight represents Hyundai Motorwith its distinct H-shape design, helping to create a high-tech, futuristic feel to the rear. AVANTE Inpiration Full Option (Amazon Gray)

AVANTE’s cockpit-style interior cocoons the driver, immersing you in the driving experience.A panoramic display and control buttons on a driver-centered layout make everything easier.

Ambient mood lighting synced to driving mode For a unique driving experience, AVANTE’s mood lighting offers interior lighting changes in colors set by the driver that vary with the different driving modes. BOSE Premium Sound System Delivering precise, dynamic sound at volumes that adjust according to your vehicle speed.

Exclusive Features of the AVANTE Hybrid
Drivers of the AVANTE Hybrid now have a wider range of features at their fingertips, including driving data, displays of fuel economy and energy flow, and an “Eco” driving mode. Enjoy a driving experience that is smarter and more pleasant.

Hyundai Avante Owner's Manual

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Hyundai Avante Performance
AVANTE introduces an all-new 3rd generation platform that delivers superb driving performance optimized for riding comfort, agile steering and an engine configured for exceptional fuel economy.

Rear Collision Prevention Assist
Alerts the driver of the potential for a collision from the rear when the turn signal indicator is switched on for lane changes and helps avoid the collision through differential braking if necessary.

Safe Exit Assist
Alerts the driver of any vehicle(s) approaching quickly from the rear or sides after the AVANTE has stopped and one or more of its doors begin to open.

Front Vehicle Start Assist
Alerts the driver through the cluster display that the vehicle in front is moving again after stopping.

Highway Driving Assist
Helps the driver maintain a safe distance on the highway from the vehicle in front, steering the AVANTE so it remains centered on its lane at a speed preset by the driver.

Hyundai Avante User Manual