T10 & T10+ Pro Smart thermostat with RedLINK User guide

T10 & T10+ Pro Smart thermostat with RedLINK User guide
Honeywell T10 Pro Smart thermostat with RedLINK

T10 & T10+ Pro Smart thermostat with RedLINK® 3.0 User Guide
This user guide is designed to help you get acquanted with your new T10 & T10+ Pro Smart thermostat with RedLINK 3.0.
Check out the table of contents on page 2 to browse by topic.
THX321WFS3001W (T10+ with Sensor included)
THX321WF3003W (T10+ No sensor)
THX321WFS2001W (T10 with Sensor included)
THX321WF2003W (T10 No sensor)
THX321WF2001W (Number on back of T10 thermostat)
C7189R3002-2 (2 pack wireless
temperature/humidity/motion sensor)
C7189R2002-2 (2 pack wireless
temperature/humidity/motion sensor)
C7089R3013 (wireless outdoor sensor for T10+ models)
Note: T10+ models available in YTHM1004R kits with EIM and accessories

Getting the most from the T10 & T10+ PRO Smart Thermostat
Prioritize Rooms
Prioritize a specific room or multiple rooms, or let comfort follow your move using built-in motion detection.
Control on the Go
Adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone.
Save Energy
With geofencing, you can save money on the most expensive part of your energy bill while you’re away.
Simple Installation
The thermostat automatically programs itself. Just answer a few simple questions and you’ll be up and running in no time.
Whole-Home Range
With a 200-foot range, 20 sensors with temperature, humidity, and occupancy detection can connect to your thermostat from throughout your home.
Know Your Home Is Safe
Get customizable alerts on your mobile device when the basement is so cold a pipe could burst, or if the baby’s room is getting too hot.

Main Menu on Thermostat
From Home Screen, press the menu icon at bottom of the display (3 horizontal lines). If this is not shown at home screen, touch screen to wake display first.

Main Menu options
System mode (Available modes vary depending on how the thermostat was configured)

  • Heat
  • Off
  • Cool
  • Auto – Operation on page 9.
  • Em Heat – Operation on page 9.

Fan (Fan setting not available for all system types)

  • Auto (Fan only runs with a call for heat or cool, or if set to run with Hum, Dehum, or Vent call)
  • On (fan runs continous)
  • Circulate (fan runs randomly approx. 33% of the time)

If wireless indoor temperature/humidity/motion sensors are used, select which sensors are used for temperature control. You can choose active sensor (ones detecting motion) or manually select which sensors to use.


  • Create new schedule (Set a time-based schedule)
  • Disable schedule
  • Reset to default Schedule

Devices & Sensors

  • View the temperature and humidity reading from individual sensors
  • Identify a wireless indoor sensor
  • Add a new wireless indoor sensor
  • Remove a wireless indoor sensor

Thermostat information

  • Mac Address
  • IP Address
  • Date Code
  • Model Number
  • Build Date
  • Collection Version
  • WiFi Bootloader Version
  • WiFi Application Version
  • RedLINK Application Version

Equipment Status

  • System mode
  • Heat stages (on or off)
  • Cool stages (on or off)
  • Fan on or off
  • IAQ (Hum, Dehum, or Vent) on or off


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