Honeywell 8112409 Safes & Door Locks Double Cylinder Deadbolt, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Honeywell 8112409 Safes & Door Locks Double Cylinder Deadbolt, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Honeywell 8112409 Safes & Door Locks Double Cylinder Deadbolt

This Honeywell door lock can easily be rekeyed to provide you the convenience of one key being able to operate multiple locks of your choosing. Simply take the key you choose to operate all the desired locks and the lock(s) to any locksmith or Hardware/Home Center and they should be able to complete your rekeying needs.

This product comes with a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty to the original residential consumer against defects in material and workmanship under normal use as long as the original residential purchaser occupies the residential premises upon which the product was originally installed.

A. Fold and apply template to high edge of door bevel and mark center of door edge as indicated on template at the desired height from the door.
B. Mark center hole on door face through guide on template for either 2-3/8”(60mm) or 2-3/4”(70mm) backset.

Honeywell 8112409 MARK DOOR and JAMB WITH TEMPLATE

A. Drill thru door face as marked for lockset: It is recommended that holes be drilled from both sides to prevent splitting. Hole size is 2”(50.8mm) for standard installations.
B. Drill 1”(25mm) hole in center of door edge thru to 2”(50.8mm) hole for latch.

Honeywell 8112409 DRILL HOLES

A. Insert latch in hole keeping it parallel to face of door. Mark outline and remove latch.
B. Chisel 1/8" deep or until latch face is flush with door edge.
C. Insert deadbolt latch in up position into hole as shown on latch insert and tighten (2) 3/4”wood screws
D. For round face deadbolt press flush to door edge. Bolt must be vertically aligned with door edge as indicated by arrow.

Honeywell 8112409 INSTALL LATCHES

A. Press cylinder side flush against door making certain the torque blade is properly positioned in latch crank.
B. Tapped holes in mounding plate of exterior cylinder should be lined up with latch holes. Key hole should be in down position.
C. Torque blade should be horizontally inserted into latch crank.



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