Holden Captiva 7 Owner’s Manual

Holden Captiva 7 Owner’s Manual
Holden Captiva 7 Handbook Manual

Customer satisfaction procedure
We want you to be happy with your new vehicle, together with the people you deal with while you have the vehicle. Normally, any problems with the sales, operation, servicing, parts/accessories or the validity of original equipment supplied with your vehicle will be handled by your Holden Dealer Sales and Service Department. We realise however that, with the best intentions, misunderstandings sometimes occur.

Therefore, we suggest you discuss any concern with one of the Holden Dealer management people. If you have not received satisfaction from the Sales Manager or Service Manager, go to the General Manager or to the Dealer Principal. The Holden Customer Assistance representatives can be telephoned from anywhere within Australia for only the cost of a local call.

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Do not exceed the maximum axle loads, including the weight of any options or accessories fitted to the vehicle. Take the roof rack load into account when determining the rear axle load. Weigh at a weighbridge if unsure.

Holden Captiva 7 Service information
In order to ensure economical and safe vehicle operation and to maintain the value of your vehicle, it is of vital importance that all maintenance work is carried out at the proper intervals as specified. See your Service/Warranty Booklet for the service schedules and for more information.

Holden Captiva 7 Handbook Manual
The vehicle has a computer system that lets you know when to change the engine oil and filter. The frequency of the oil change depends on driving patterns, engine RPM and engine temperature. It is possible that, if you are driving under the best conditions, the oil life system may not indicate that an oil change is necessary for a longer period than that shown in the Maintenance schedule. However, the engine oil and filter must be changed in accordance with the Maintenance schedule outlined in the Service/Warranty Booklet.

Holden Captiva 7 User Manual
Only clean the vehicle interior, including the instrument panel fascia and panelling, with a dry cloth or interior cleaner. The instrument panel should only be cleaned using a soft damp cloth. Clean fabric upholstery with a vacuum cleaner and brush. Remove stains with an upholstery cleaner. Clean seat belts with a mild, nonabrasive soap and lukewarm water. After washing, thoroughly, sponge the solution out of the belts.

Polishing and waxing
Wax the vehicle regularly (at the latest when water no longer beads). Polishing is necessary only if the paint has become dull or if solid deposits have become attached to it. Paintwork polish with silicone forms a protective film, making waxing unnecessary. Plastic body parts must not be treated with wax or polishing agents.

Buying new tyres
Refer to the tyre placard on the vehicle for tyre size and load rating. Using a different size or type of tyre may affect:

  1. Ride
  2. Handling
  3. Speedometer accuracy
  4. Vehicle ground clearance
  5. Tyre clearance
  6. Snow chain clearance

Tyres with heavy treads and those made for better grip in the wet, should only be operated within the limits recommended by the manufacturer. Replacing the factory fitted wheels and tyres with non-genuine Holden wheels and tyres may affect the New Vehicle Voluntary Warranty as well as the vehicle’s insurance policy. Contact a Holden Dealer for advice on suitable tyres.


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