Holden Barina Owner’s Manual

Holden Barina Owner’s Manual
Holden Barina Handbook Manual

GM Holden Ltd (Holden) is collecting the new owner’s personal information in order to process the request for transfer for the specified vehicle. We may disclose your personal information to our related companies and third parties who provide us with (or help us provide) products and services, including to overseas locations such as the USA, and other countries in Europe, Oceania and Asia. Holden’s privacy policy (available at: www.holden.com.au/privacypolicy) states how you can seek to access or correct any personal information Holden holds about you, how to complain about a privacy breach by Holden and how Holden will deal with a privacy complaint.

Holden Barina User Manual
Seat belts are designed to bear upon the bony structure of the body, and should be worn low across the front of the pelvis or the pelvis, chest and shoulders, as applicable; wearing the lap section of the belt across the abdominal area must be avoided.

Seat belts should be adjusted as firmly as possible, consistent with comfort, to provide the protection for which they have been designed. A slack belt will greatly reduce the protection afforded to the wearer.

Care should be taken to avoid contamination of the webbing with polishes, oils and chemicals, and particularly battery acid. Belts should not be worn with straps twisted. Each belt assembly must only be used by one occupant. It is dangerous to put a belt around a child being carried on the occupant’s lap.

No modifications or additions should be made by the user which will either prevent the seat belt adjusting devices from operating to remove slack, or prevent the seat belt assembly from being adjusted to remove slack. The belts lock during heavy acceleration or deceleration for the safety of the occupants.

Power door locks

  1. Auto door unlock: Activate or deactivate the auto door unlocking function after switching off the ignition. Unlock only the driver’s door or all doors.
  2. Auto door lock: Activate or deactivate the auto door locking function, to occur after driving off.
  3. Stop door lock if door open: Activate or deactivate the driver’s door lock when the door is open. If deactivated is selected
  4. Delayed door lock: Activate or deactivate the delayed door lock. When pressing the central locking button on the instrument panel, three chimes are heard to signal delayed locking is in use. This function will delay the locking of the doors until 5 seconds after the last door is closed.

Holden Barina Handbook Manual
Condensation may temporarily appear on the inside of exterior lamp lenses after rain or washing the vehicle. Condensation occurs when there is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lamp allowing a fine mist on the inside surface of the lamp lens. This condensation will disappear when the vehicle is in a dry environment or the lamp is on. If water does collect in the lamp contact a Holden Dealer.

Exit lighting
Set the headlamps, side lamps and tail lamps to illuminate the way, after leaving the vehicle. Activation, deactivation and duration of lighting can be changed in the vehicle settings. See Vehicle personalisation on page 69. The headlamps must be in Auto mode.

  1. Switch the ignition off.
  2. Remove the ignition key.

If activated, the lighting remains on for the set duration.

Theft-deterrent feature
The infotainment system is equipped with an electronic security system for the purpose of deterring thefts. As such, it will only operate in the vehicle in which it was first installed.


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