2019 Holden Acadia AC Service and Warranty Booklet

2019 Holden Acadia AC Service and Warranty Booklet
Holden Acadia 2019 AC Service & Warranty Booklet

If you drive a pre-owned Holden, have moved house or changed any of your details, we’d like to hear from you! Holden uses your details to keep your vehicle’s factory provided Roadside Assistance and Warranty details up to date.

It also helps us let you know if there is an existing rework action required on your vehicle. To update your details, please take a few minutes to fill in and mail the form at the back of this booklet or visit Holden’s website at: www.holden.com.au/forms/change-of-owner-details GM Holden Ltd (Holden) is collecting the new owner’s personal information in order to process the request for transfer for the specified vehicle. We may disclose your personal information to our related companies and third parties who provide us with (or help us provide) products and services, including to overseas locations such as the USA, and other countries in Europe, Oceania and Asia. Holden’s privacy policy (available at www.holden.com.au/privacypolicy) states how you can seek to access or correct any personal information Holden holds about you, how to complain about a privacy breach by Holden and how Holden will deal with a privacy complaint.

Service inclusions
Holden Service includes all items listed in the standard maintenance schedule for normal operating conditions, as specified on the service coupon, including parts, labour, fluids and all applicable workshop charges.

Maintenance repairs and replacements
The owner is charged for the repair or replacement of any part found unserviceable during a service inspection and not covered by Holden Warranty. Where any deficiencies are noted, such items should be reported to the owner / operator and the additional work quoted and authorised.

Additives not recommended
Your Holden is engineered to perform at its optimum using Holden recommended lubricants and fluids. The use of supplemental additives is not recommended as their use not only increases operating costs, but may indeed be harmful to your vehicle.

Additional service charges
If any additional service or maintenance work is required that is not covered by the scheduled service terms and conditions, the authorised Holden Dealer will discuss any additional costs with the customer prior to performing any such additional work.


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