2017 Holden Barina Owner’s Manual

2017 Holden Barina Owner’s Manual
Holden Barina 2017 Owner’s Manual

We thank you for choosing Holden and want to assure you of our continuing interest in your driving pleasure and satisfaction. This owner’s manual applies to the current Barina vehicles. Therefore, due to different models and options, you may find reference in this manual to some equipment not fitted to your own vehicle. Please note that all information, illustrations and specifications in this manual are based on the latest production information available at the time of printing. Holden reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.

This manual describes all options and features available for this model. Certain descriptions, including those for display and menu functions, may not apply to your vehicle due to model variant, special equipment or accessories.

Replacing battery in electronic key
Replace the battery as soon as the system no longer operates properly or the range is reduced. The need for battery replacement is indicated by a message in the Driver Information centre.

Fault in central locking system unlocking Manually unlock the driver’s door by turning the key in the lock. The other doors can be opened individually by lifting the locking knob on each window sill.

Manual transmission
When vehicle speed is above 13 km/h, the doors, tailgate and fuel filler door are automatically locked. Settings can be changed in the Vehicle settings menu in the infotainment system.

Airbags are part of the supplemental restraint system (SRS) as they assist, but do not replace seat belts. Airbags do not deploy in every accident. Various factors dictate whether they deploy including speed, angle of collision and object hit. Airbags are not designed to inflate if the vehicle is hit from the rear or is involved in a rollover. Seat belts must be worn by all passengers whenever the vehicle is moving. Airbags inflate with great force. If you are too close to an inflating airbag it may cause injury. Seat belts help keep you in position for airbag inflation in the event of a collision.

Replacing airbag system parts after a crash
After an accident where airbags have deployed, the systems, associated parts and hardware must be checked and replaced as required. Seats, associated parts and hardware must also be checked and replaced as required. The airbag system should also be inspected after an accident if:

  1. The instrument panel area or steering wheel is scratched, cracked or damaged.
  2. The front seats and upholstery are damaged.
  3. The headliner or trim panels are damaged.

It is recommended that this work be carried out by a Holden Dealer or approved repairer.

Driving and operating
Take the vehicle to a Holden Dealer if you think the vehicle needs inspecting for any of the above reasons. Do not sit (or leave children or pets) in a parked vehicle for any extended period of time with the engine running. Do not run the engine in an enclosed area (such as the garage) any longer than is needed to move the vehicle. Driving with the tailgate open is not recommended. If you must travel with the tailgate open, close all windows, ensure the climate controls are set to outside (rather than recirculate) with air directed to the face and the fan on the highest speed. Do not exceed 50 km/h.


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