Hitachi EX 3600-6 Operator's Manual

Hitachi EX 3600-6 Operator's Manual
Hitachi EX 3600-6

Read this manual carefully to learn how to operate and service your machine correctly. Failure to do so could result in personal injury and/or machine damage. This manual should be considered a permanent part of your machine and should remain with the machine when you sell it, Hitachi EX 3600-6,Hitachi EX 3600-6 Operator's Manual,Hitachi EX 3600-6 User Manual.

Emergency Operation
When the stairway cannot work by trouble, retract the stairway following the procedure shown below.
1. Remove the step (1) and cover (2) under the step (1).
2. Open the valve (3) fully.
3. Place the pilot control shut-off lever to the Lock position.
4. Start the engine. Run the engine at a slow speed.
5. Close the valve (4) fully. The stairway starts to retract.
6. Open the valve (4) gradually to slow down the retracting speed before the stairway is fully retracted.
7. After fully retracted, open the valve (4) fully and close the valve (3) fully.
8. Pull the lever down to engage the lock.
9. Stop the engine.
10. Install the cover (2) and the step (1).
11. Contact your authorized dealer.

How to Use Emergency escape device is provided in case (1) at the left outside the cab.
1. Unlock latch (2)
2. Hang hook (3) onto the cab upper-left surface hanger (4).
3. Drop rope wound reel (5).
4. Fasten life belt (6) around your chest.
5. While holding two ropes, move to the outside fence and face toward the cab (as long as the two ropes are held, emergency escape device will not operate.)
6. As soon as the ropes are released, your body is slowly lowered. Descend while softly pushing the machine surface by hand to prevent the body from turning.
7. After landing, immediately take life belt (6) off and evacuate to a safe place.

When key switch is turned to the ON position, meter check screen will be displayed next to starting check screen.
1- Model Name
2- Hydraulic Oil Temperature Gauge
3- Front Type
4- Coolant Temperature Gauge
5- Control Lever Pattern
6- Tachometer
7- Hour Meter
8- Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
9- Engine Oil Temperature Gauge
10- Clock
11- Battery Voltage Gauge
12- Fuel Gauge
13- Ambient Temperature
14- Alternator Indicator
15- Engine Stop Indicator
16- Coolant Overheat Indicator
17- Exhaust Temperature Indicator
18- Fuel Temperature Indicator
19- Engine Warning Indicator
20- Prelub Indicator
21- Hydraulic Oil Level Indicator
22- Auto-Lubrication Indicator
23- Hydraulic Oil Overheat Indicator
24- Stairway Position Indicator
25- Fast-Filling Indicator
26- Tension Indicator
27- Auto-Idle Indicator
28- Travel Mode Indicator
29- Electric Lever Indicator
30- Emergency Engine Stop Indicator
31- Electlical Equipment Box Indicator
32- Pump Contamination Indicator
33- Stop Valve Indicator
34- Air Cleaner Restriction Indicator
35- Engine Over Run Indicator
36- Coolant Level Indicator
37- Engine Oil Pressure Indicator
38- Pump Transmission Oil Level Indicator


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