Ford Mondeo Service Repair Manual 1993-2000

Introduction to the Ford Mondeo
Introduced in March 1993, the Ford Mondeo models are available in four-door Saloon, five-door Hatchback and five-door Estate configurations. All feature a high standard of equipment, with driver/passenger safety in accidents being a particularly high design priority all models are fitted with features such as side impact bars in all doors, "anti-submarine" seats combined with "seat belt grabbers" and pre-tensioners, and an airbag fitted to the steering wheel. Vehicle security is enhanced, with an in-built alarm system and engine immobiliser being fitted as standard, as well as double-locking doors with shielded locks, and security-coded audio equipment.

Ford Mondeo Parts Manual The four-cylinder petrol engine is a new design, available in 1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 litre capacities. It is controlled by a sophisticated engine management system, which combines multi-point sequential fuel injection and distributorless ignition systems with evaporative emissions control, exhaust gas recirculation and a three-way regulated catalytic converter (with a pulse-air system for rapid warm-up) to ensure that the vehicle complies with the most stringent of the emissions control standards currently in force, and yet provides the levels of performance and fuel economy expected.

The transversely-mounted engine drives the front roadwheels through either a five speed manual transmission with a cable operated clutch, or through an electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission.

The fully-independent suspension is by MacPherson strut on all four roadwheels, located by transverse lower arms at the front, and by transverse and trailing arms at the rear anti-roll bars are fitted at front and rear. The Estate rear suspension is of a different design, to give maximum loadspace inside the vehicle, with self-levelling suspension units available as an option. On some models, the suspension is electronically-controlled through the Adaptive Damping System.

Ford Mondeo 1993-2000 The steering is power-assisted, the pump being belt-driven from the engine, and the rack-and-pinion steering gear mounted behind the engine. The vacuum servo-assisted brakes are disc at the front, with drums at the rear on most models disc rear brakes and an electronically-controlled Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) are available on some models, with a Traction Control System (TCS) available as a further option where ABS is fitted.

Ford Mondeo Repair Manual

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Ford Mondeo Owner's Manual
Thanks are due to Champion Spark Plug, who supplied the illustrations showing spark plug conditions. Certain other illustrations are the copyright of the Ford Motor Company, and are used with their permission. Thanks are also due to Sykes-Pickavant Limited, who provided some of the workshop tools, and to all those people at Sparkford who helped in the production of this manual.

Ford Mondeo Service Manual
The main project vehicle used in the preparation of this manual, and appearing in many of the photographic sequences, was a 1993-model Ford Mondeo 2.0 Si Hatchback. Additional work was carried out and photographed on a 1993-model 2.0 Si Saloon and a 1993-model 2.0 Ghia Estate (with automatic transmission).

Ford Mondeo 1993-2000 Service Repair Manual

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