2017 Ford GT Owner's Manual

2017 Ford GT Owner's Manual
Ford GT 2017 Owner's Manual

Ford GT Service Manual This manual provides information specific to your Ford GT. By referring to this manual, you can identify those features, controls and specifications unique to your new Ford GT.

To assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle, we established the Ford GT Concierge. Contact your Ford GT Concierge at the number listed if you need assistance.

2017 Ford GT Owner's Manual Thank you for choosing Ford Performance. If you have owned a Ford Performance vehicle before, welcome back. If this is your first Ford Performance vehicle, welcome to the family. We are confident that our dedication to performance, quality, craftsmanship and customer service will provide you with many miles of exhilarating, safe and comfortable driving.

We strive to build engaging vehicles that involve the driver in every aspect of the driving experience. Although performance is at the heart of every Ford Performance vehicle, we go further. Our goal is to deliver a comprehensive, complete vehicle, paying close attention to the smallest details such as the sound of the exhaust, the quality of the interior materials and the functionality and the comfort of the seats, to make sure that you enjoy not only exceptional performance but an outstanding driving environment as well. In this vehicle, we express this philosophy through the use of lightweight materials, a sophisticated powertrain and outstanding chassis dynamics and aerodynamics.

Ford GT Owner's Manual Your vehicle has an OBD Data Link Connector (DLC) that is used in conjunction with a diagnostic scan tool for vehicle diagnostics, repairs and reprogramming services. Installing an aftermarket device that uses the DLC during normal driving for purposes such as remote insurance company monitoring, transmission of vehicle data to other devices or entities, or altering the performance of the vehicle, may cause interference with or even damage to vehicle systems. We do not recommend or endorse the use of aftermarket plug-in devices unless approved by Ford. The vehicle Warranty will not cover damage caused by an aftermarket plug-in device.

Welcome to the Ford Performance family! Performance and racing are deeply embedded in Ford’s DNA, dating back to October 10, 1901 when Henry Ford won his first race against Alexander Winton, America’s greatest racer at the time. Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Company 18 months later with capital raised on the back of this remarkable upset victory.


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