FAW Xenia S80 Handbook

FAW Xenia S80 Handbook
FAW Xenia S80 Handbook

You are welcome to join the big family of Faw Xenia owners. As you know, the performance and serviceability of an automobile depend on the maintenance and driving methods. The handbook can help you to learn about all functions of your Xenia automobile. Please read the handbook carefully before driving. You can also refer to the handbook at any time. If you have any question, please contact the special service stores of FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. We will offer you high-grade services and assistance.

A handbook of your own
Please read the handbook carefully before you drive your Xenia automobile. Please observe the instructions given in the handbook in order to protect yourself and extend the service life of your beloved automobile. Failure of observing those instructions may lead to severe personal injuries and damages to your beloved automobile. In the handbook, we will show you the particulars such as dangers, warnings, and attentions. The safety symbols as shown above indicate: “Do not”, “Do not conduct the operation” or “Do not allow the case to occur”.

By the time when the handbook is put into print, all data and specs contained in it are rated as up-to-date information. The Company reserves the right to alter contents of the handbook at anytime without further notice. The handbook is applicable to all models, and the performances of all equipment including options are also described herein. Therefore, some configurations covered by the handbook may not apply to the automobile you purchased. Please leave the handbook inside the automobile when you sell out your Xenia automobile. The next owner will also need the handbook.

Obligation to maintain your automobile
The owner is in duty bound to subject his automobile to specified maintenance. The requirements of maintenance are detailed in Section 13. The automobile identification code is marked in
the positions shown in the figure. For the convenience of your reference, the place of manufacturing is indicated on the manufacturer's name plate fitted onto the automobile.

FAW Xenia S80 Engine exhaust
Once you doubt that effluent gases might enter into the automobile, please find out the causes, and restore the automobile to its normal state immediately. If you have to drive the automobile in such a case, open all windows completely. To avoid accidents caused by effluent gases, please observe the following precautions.

FAW Xenia S80 Maintenance
The engine exhaust system, body and ventilation system must be maintained in their normal operation condition. Verify that the exhaust system is free of leaks and the joints are free of looseness. If any of the following states occurs, it is advisable to contact special service stores for overhaul of the exhaust system and body.

  • Once the exhaust system is damaged or eroded
  • Every time your automobile crashes up against any object.

Furthermore, the automobile must be subjected to maintenance as per the maintenance plan described in Section 13.

Ventilation system
To ensure that the ventilation system of your automobile may operate normally, you have to verify that the air intake duct before the windshield is not covered by snow, leaves or other obstacles.

Routine operation
When the automobile is parked or stopped, do not allow the engine to run for a long time. Otherwise, carbon monoxide might enter into the automobile through the exhaust system that was not properly maintained or was already damaged. Do not allow the engine to run inside a garage or enclosed space except for coming in/going out the garage. Verify that the tail pipe is free of any snow cover or other object that may allow the effluent gases to build up under the body.

Safe driving
Recommended fuel FAW Jilin Automobile Co., Ltd. heartily hopes that you can enjoy all functions of your new automobile. In addition, she also hopes that you may apply your common safety knowledge and common driving knowledge when you drive your automobile. Part of the common driving knowledge is to learn about performance and limitation of your automobile, and comprehend that the driving methods of automobiles intended for different applications may diverse from each other.


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