FAW Truck Manuals PDF

FAW Truck Manuals PDF
FAW Truck

Concrete 4 U, which operates in Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, East London, Colesberg and Mthatha has established a solid reputation as a trustworthy partner in construction projects large and small, mainly in the Eastern Cape. To support their on-time delivery policy, Concrete 4 U relies heavily on its fleet of dependable and tough vehicles, mainly made up of specialist mixers units. Their original acquisition of the latest FAW vehicles has given them the success rate and performance efficiency they expect from their fleet. As a result they have additional units on order for delivery in the next few weeks. Concrete 4 U run a large fleet of mixer trucks which include 13 FAW units made up of the FAW 33.330FC (6 cube mixer) and FAW 35.340FC (8 cube) mixer trucks.

The well proven FAW 33.330 FC is fitted with a six cylinder 9 litre turbocharged Steyr WD615.44 diesel engine which has a maximum output of 235 kW @ 2200 rpm and a torque of 1250 Nm @ 1400/1500 rpm. Coupled to a Fuller RT 11509C 9-Speed Range Change transmission the vehicle is geared for a road speed of up to 80 kph with a corresponding gradeability factor of 40%. The larger FAW 33.340FC in 8X4 configuration has been well accepted in the concrete industry as an economical transporter as far as 8 cubic metre mixer trucks are concerned. Powered by the 9 litre FAW WD 615.69, six cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with an output of 250 kW @ 2200 rpm and torque of 1350 Nm @1400-1600 rpm the 33.340FC is well suited to the rigours of any construction site.

During the two-year warranty period of each unit the service and maintenance requirements are carried out by the nearest dealer, thereafter Concrete 4 U attends to the vehicle maintenance through a self-service programme supported by an excellent parts supply from FAW.

Deon Fourie, Managing Director of Concrete 4 U is proud of the company’s success. He explains: “Our return on investment on the FAW fleet of vehicles has been really good. The FAW units have been performing exceptionally well and are showing good performance and cost efficiency profiles. We have a solid commitment from FAW to keep our trucks on the road. It is easy to understand therefore that because of our satisfaction with our FAW fleet we have recently ordered another five units, due for delivery in March”.

”Another factor which contributed to our trust in FAW is their decision to set up their plant and to build their trucks locally at Coega. This also contributes to the fast delivery of our orders,” says Fourie. Deon Fourie believes the strength of the company is illustrated by its resilience in surviving the tough years, following the height of the World Cup. Coming off that high base, the construction industry overall was challenged to cope with a sudden and drastic drop in all sizes of construction projects.

“Coming off this ‘high’ of stadium, roads and other structural projects for the 2010 World Cup we have had to recover from a sudden 50% drop in overall business, of which 25% was a ‘pull-back’ in the residential building industry, and the drop-off of most infrastructure projects. The big challenge was what to do with our own overstock of capital-intensive resources which we had necessarily grown up to meet the various building demands for the World Cup.

File NameLink
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FAW Vita,C1 Parts Catalog.rar
FAW Pars Catalogue V50.rar
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FAW EWD Euro 2 Euro 3.rar
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FAW CA3310 Service Manual.pdf
FAW CA3256P2K2L2T1A80 Manual de operación y mantenimiento.pdf
FAW CA3252 Service Manual.pdf
FAW CA3250P66K2L0BT1E4Z, CA3251P66K2L0BT1E4Z, CA3250P66K2L2BT1E4Z Service Manual.pdf
FAW CA1041 Service Manual and Shematics.pdf
FAW 1083 Service Manual.zip
FAW 1041 Repair Manual.rar
FAW 1031,1041, 1047 Service Manual.pdf
FAW trucks fault codes list.pdf

“We had plants in Jeffries Bay, Port Alfred and Port Elizabeth to supply ready mixed concrete to the stadium, road building and related projects in and around the city. After the 2010 event we consolidated most of our plants and tenaciously sought out new contracts to take us through the lull. We normally pursue a big contract where we can place a mobile site, often within two weeks, ready to service a large project. Thereafter we actively pitch and hunt for numerous smaller projects – especially close to the large projects - to keep our resources highly effective and in full service, our fleet on the road, and our business feasible.

They have managed through good times and bad to keep the company viable and growing it at a slow but steady rate. “The key to success has been to remain wide awake and look out for each and every
opportunity,” says Fourie. “We were thrilled to land a good project with Basil Read to supply concrete to the roads and bridges contract at the Colesberg Road Project on the N1. We subsequently picked up on the smaller projects in the area where we also built reservoirs, sewerage works and even a residential project. This adds value to a site where we work as these smaller clients usually do not have access to a quality ready mixed concrete supplier.”

“The East London projects are particularly interesting. Our large projects there includes the approximately R1 billion Cecilia Makiwane Hospital project where Concrete 4 U has placed a mobile plant on site to supply the high demand for ready mixed concrete for the contractors, Stefanutti Stocks. After this we were privileged to be awarded with another factory building project at the car plant in East London where we established two more mobile plants at Alton. Thereafter we were awarded a contract to build nine bridges on the road outside Mthatha.

“This is the reason why we, in turn, rely on a highly efficient and cost-effective transport arm in our business. Our fleet of vehicles must have maximum uptime and on-time delivery of concrete to our clients. Our FAW fleet makes us keep our promises to our clients because we can rely on them to provide hard-working quality vehicle backed by solid support structures. We’re really pleased with the FAW fleet’s performance.”


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