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Importance of Vehicle maintenance and Servicing

As you may be aware, there is an increase in the number of vehicles, such as motorcycle, scooter, bus, car, jeep,tempo, truck, tanker, etc., running in the cities. Every new vehicle comes with a vehicle maintenance manual. The owner of the vehicle is expected to read and use this manual, as it mentions vehicle maintenance tips during driving. It has been noticed that after getting a car or vehicle, the owners do not care much about a regular car or vehicle maintenance. Even if the owners regularly service their vehicle,the vehicle maintenance tips given in the vehicle maintenance manual increases the longevity or life of the vehicle to a great extent.

Vehicle maintenance and servicing is carried out when the vehicle completes certain kilometres on its normal running or when the vehicle does not give proper performance. It is suggested that the vehicle owners carry out regular and periodical checks on their vehicle,some of which are mentioned below.

Vehicle Daily Inspection (DI)

It is the responsibility of a driver or owner of a vehicle to carry out the following inspection and checks daily, before starting the engine, to avoid any type of breakdown on the road.

  • Check tyre pressure in all the tyres visually or byhitting the tyre wall with the help of a stone andjudge the sound
  • Check the radiator’s coolant level
  • Check the fan belts for looseness
  • Check the level of engine oil
  • Check the windscreen, rear-view mirrorand rear-window glass for their cleanliness

Vehicle Maintenance Check-up

When one plans a long distance travel, it is necessary to carry out a routine check‑up. One should read the vehicle maintenance manual for clarity. Some important check‑ups are done for better maintenance.

  1. Topping of oil level
  2. Proper tension of belt
  3. Battery forcleanliness and level of electrolyte (addonly distilled water for topping of electrolyte water)
  4. Brakes
  5. Topping up of coolant, if required, in thecoolant reservoir