Detroit Diesel EPA04 Series 60 Operator's Manual

Detroit Diesel markets a OAT-inhibited ethylene glycol coolant, DDC Power Cool Plus, which contains all the required additives. If a non-DDC OAT antifreeze is used, it must conform to TMC 338 specification. Do not add extender to new OAT antifreeze or coolant.

Detroit Diesel EPA04 Excessive amounts of some inhibitors in the coolant can cause a gel or crystalline deposit that reduces heat transfer and coolant flow. The deposit, called “dropout,” takes the color of the coolant when wet, but appears as a white or gray powder when dry. It can pick up solid particles in the coolant and become gritty, causing excessive wear of water pump seals and other cooling system components.

Detroit Diesel EPA04 Series 60 OAT Coolant Drain Interval A properly maintained OAT-inhibited coolant will last 600,000 miles (960,000 km), four (4) years, or 10,000 operating hours, whichever comes first. At this time the coolant should be drained, and the cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned, flushed, and filled with new, properly inhibited OAT coolant.

Detroit Diesel EPA04 Operators Water Only + SCA or Water Only + OAT Inhibitor - In warm climates a coolant based on water with corrosion inhibitors is approved for use. Water-only systems need to be treated with the proper dosage of corrosion inhibitors.

Detroit Diesel-approved SCAs or OAT corrosion inhibitors must be added to the water to provide required corrosion and cavitation erosion protection. OAT inhibitors such as Power Cool Plus 6000 are availablefor water-only systems.

The performance of REPAIRS is the exclusive Owner's remedy under this warranty. DDC does not authorize any person to assume or create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with the Engine or the Accessories.

Detroit Diesel Corporation is not responsible for incidental or consequential costs or expenses which the owner may incur as a result of a malfunction or failure covered by this warranty, such as communication expenses, meals, lodging, overtime, loss of use of the engine or vehicle (“downtime”), loss of time, inconvenience, cargo loss or damage, and other similar costs and expenses.

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