Detroit Diesel DD15 EPA07 and EPA10 DD Platform, EGR Delta Pressure Sensor Update

Two service kits have been released containing all components needed to replace the EGR Delta Pressure Sensor used on all EPA07 and EPA10 DD13 and DD15/16 engines. The new parts became effective November 2, 2011, with DD15 engine S/N: 472903S0103639 and DD13 engine S/N: 471903S0103500.

The service kits in Table 1 below contain all necessary parts to replace the EGR Delta Pressure Sensor on EPA07 and EPA10 DD engines. NOTE: The venturi pipe for the DD13 and the DD15/16 engines is NOT interchangeable.


  1. Shut off engine and apply the parking brake, chock the wheels, open hood, disconnect vehicle battery power, and perform any other applicable safety steps.
  2. Loosen two hose clamps from hose on mixer pipe and venturi pipe. Slide the clamps over the mixer pipe as they will be reused.
  3. Remove three bolts securing mixer pipe to cold boost pipe. Remove the remaining bolt above the intake throttle valve holding the mixer pipe. Save bolts for reuse.
  4. Remove mixer pipe and seal from cold boost pipe. Save mixer pipe for reuse.
  5. Remove and discard hose and seal.
  6. Release harness connector on EGR Delta Pressure Sensor by pushing the orange tab up to unlock the connector; depress the thumb tab and remove the harness connector.
  7. Remove the two bolts from the venturi pipe to the EGR crossover pipe and remove the venturi pipe. Save bolts for reuse. Discard venturi pipe and gasket.

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