Daewoo Excavator Service Manual

Daewoo Excavator Service Manual
Daewoo Excavator Repair Manual

The excavator has been primarily designed for moving earth with a bucket. For use as a grapple or for other object handling, contact Daewoo for proper installation and application. Lifting-work applications (unless restricted or prohibited by local regulations) are permitted in approved lift configuration, to rated capacity only, with no side-loading. DO NOT use the machine for activities for which it was not intended. DO NOT use the bucket for lifting work, unless lift slings are used in the approved configuration. Use of an accessory hydraulic hammer (breaker), work in rough terrain, demolition applications or other hazardous operation may require installation of additional protective structures to safeguard the operator.

Lifting capacity ratings that are printed at the end of this safety section are based on the machine being level, on a firm supporting surface, with hooks and slings attached in approved configuration. Loads must be balanced and supported evenly. Use taglines to keep the load steady if wind conditions and large surface area are a problem. Work crew hand signals, individual tasks and safe procedures should all be universally understood before the lift is made.

Any modification made without authorization or written approval from Daewoo can create a safety hazard, for which the machine owner must be held responsible. For safety’s sake, replace all OEM parts with the correct authorized or genuine Daewoo part. For example, not taking the time to replace fasteners, bolts or nuts with the correct replacement parts could lead to a condition in which the safety of critical assemblies is dangerously compromised.


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