Clark Forklift CRX10-25 Operator's Manual

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For any checkup, repair, maintenance and all other work concerning your forklift truck, please contact your CLARK dealer. Here, specially trained service personnel will be glad to help you at any time. Should you desire to carry out maintenance, repair and all other work on your forklift truck yourself, you can of course obtain all required spare parts and all necessary materials from your CLARK dealer. Please note: Only original CLARK spare parts guarantee the trouble free functioning and optimum economy of your forklift truck. Original CLARK spare parts are the best for your forklift truck. With their dimensional stability as well as their high material quality due to a continuous and strict quality control, they correspond to those parts used in the series production of our forklift trucks.

Operation The driver
Only trained and authorized personnel may be charged with driving a forklift truck. Please also observe the legal regulations in your country. We strongly recommend that you wear safety clothes suited for your work. Any wide or loose clothing must be avoided. Always wear a hard hat, safety shoes and, if required, safety glasses. Clark CRX10-25 Operator's Manual,Clark CRX10-25 User Manual,Clark CRX10-25 Owner's Manual,clark forklift service manual pdf,free clark forklift service manual,old clark forklift manual,clark forklift troubleshooting,clark c500 forklift service manual pdf,clark cgc25 parts manual,clark gcx25 forklift service manual,clark gpx25 parts manual.

The working area Operating aisles
Never drive in areas which are closed to forklift trucks, but only use aisles cleared for forklift truck operation. Travelling aisles and loading areas must be clearly identified and free of obstacles. Watch the road surface - it must be sufficiently smooth and free of bumps, where possible. The floor within the working area for the stacking of loads must be even, horizontal and stable. Please further observe the legal regulations in your country.

Traveling on public roads
When traveling on public roads with the forklift truck, it must be equipped in accordance with the respective national regulations. The appropriate permission must be applied from the competent authority.

Handling of loads Picking up and placing of loads

  • Forklift trucks must never be loaded in excess of their rated capacity. The values indicated on the name plate apply only when the upright is in a vertical position.
  • Spread the forks as far as possible. Always position the forks under the load as far as is practicable. Take care that the load is correctly balanced (centered) on both forks. Check the stability and balance of the load.Never lift a load with one fork only.
  • When storing and stacking loads, correct placement is essential. Always place the loads carefully. Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum permissible stacking load when stacking and storing loads onto shelves.
  • Never move loads stacked higher than the carriage backrest. The simultaneous pickup of several unit loads is not advised. Defective unit loads should not be moved or stacked.

Loading and unloading of vehicles
Always approach the vehicle carefully. Make sure that load distribution is well-balanced when loading or unloading. If you have to travel onto a vehicle for the loading or unloading process take particular care not to exceed the maximum permissible load capacity of the vehicle floor and the bridge plate. Both must be able to support the weight of the truck and load. Bridge plates must be securely fixed and must not slip when being entered. Secure the vehicle you enter with blocks against rolling. When entering vehicles or traveling on bridge plates reduce speed and be particularly careful. Also be very careful when traveling on bridge plates, especially close to the ramp edges. Keep a safe distance from the ramp edges particularly if the surface is wet or slippery.

Forklift trucks used as working platforms
Platforms on forklift trucks may only be used for occasional work which is fully supervised. This platform must be firmly connected to the forklift truck and with no extending parts. It must offer sufficient protection against the lifting mechanism and any persons on the platform must be secured against falling off. A working platform with persons on it may not be moved and the driver may not leave the forklift truck.

Clark Forklift CRX10-25

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