Clark CTX40 and Clark 70 Operator's Manual

Clark CTX40 and Clark 70 Operator's Manual
Clark CTX40 and Clark 70 Operator's Manual

This Operator’s Manual should help you to make the best use of your CLARK Tow Tractor. Read through the instructions carefully and follow the given procedures strictly. Acquaint yourself with the controls and in particular observe all the safety regulations. Carry out all maintenance and care work at the recommended time intervals. CLARK Tow Tractors are characterized by their easy-maintenance design. You will therefore be able to carry out this work in a short time and without too much effort.

For any checkup, repair, maintenance and all other work concerning your Tow Tractor, please contact your CLARK dealer. Here, specially trained service personnel will be glad to help you at any time. Should you desire to carry out maintenance, repair and all other work on your Tow Tractor yourself, you can of course obtain all required spare parts and all necessary materials from your CLARK dealer. Clark CTX40  Operator's Manual,Clark 70 Operator's Manual,Clark 70 User Manual,Clark CTX40  User Manual.

Summary of Safe Operating Procedures

  1. Do not operate this Tow Tractor unless you have been trained and authorized to do so. Read all warnings and instructions in the operator’s manual of this truck.
  2. Do not operate this Tow Tractor until you have checked it’s condition. Give special attention to tires, horn, lights, battery, brakes, steering mechanism, and guards.
  3. Operate tractor only from designated operating position. Never place any part of your body outside of the confines of the tractor. Do not cary passengers.
  4. Make sure the tow coupling is secure.
  5. Do not handle unstable or loosely stacked loads. Use special care when handling long, high or wide loads to avoid losing the load, striking bystanders, or tipping the tractor. Loads on trailers must be evenly distributed and secure.
  6. Do not overload the tractor. Check the capacity plate for load weight. The safe capacity of a tractor-trailer is its stopping ability, not its potential towing ability.
  7. Start, stop, travel, steer and brake smoothly. Slow down for turns and on uneven or slippery surfaces that could cause the tractor to slide or overturn. Violent application of brakes is dangerous and may cause “jack-knifing” the trailer.
  8. When making a turn, allow for “corner-cutting” of the trailer.
  9. When moving in reverse direction with a trailer, get assistance if vision is obstructed. Moving in reverse direction with more than one trailer is not recommended.

The Tow Tractor
Use in accordance with the regulations.

  • Tow Tractors may only be used in accordance with the regulations, following these operating instructions.
  • Tow Tractors are designed to tow loads.
  • If a Tow Tractor is to be used for other purposes, permission must be obtained from CLARK, in writing, and if necessary from the supervisory authorities responsible, in order to prevent hazards from arising.

Modification of the truck prohibited
Unauthorized modification of the truck is not permitted, and, in case that a problem has occurred due to a modification without permission, the warranty service shall not be provided. For instance, the modifications which may void the warranty include those that may negatively affect the performance, durability and safety of the truck due to addition of unauthorized electrical devices (lamp, black box, electrical instrument, communication equipment, etc.), braking system, steering system, vision improvement system and detachable attachment device that were not mounted when the equipment was shipped out of the factory.

Operating aisles
Never drive in areas which are closed to Tow Tractors, but only use aisles cleared for Tow Tractors operation. Traveling aisles and loading areas must be clearly identified and free of obstacles. Tow Tractors shall only be used on routes without sharp curves, excessive slopes and gades which are too narrow or too low. Watch the road surface - it must be sufficiently smooth and free of bumps. Please further observe all State and Federal regulations.


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