Chrysler 300 Owner's and Service Manuals

Chrysler 300 Owner's and Service Manuals
Chrysler 300

How did the design process begin for the new Chrysler 300 model?
The ideation phase is kicked off with all of the designers in the studio working on early-stage concepts and sketches of their ideas. The objective with this exterior redesign was to honor the 300’s iconic and bold American heritage, while executing it in a contemporary design. We also wanted it to be complementary to the all-new Chrysler 200 the new face of the Chrysler brand, which was the impetus to the next generation of the company’s sophisticated and technologically innovative brand. Along with the 300 and 200, the lineup also includes the Chrysler Town & Country minivan. Each nameplate really has its own purpose and personality but still shares a family DNA and design attributes that tie each to the other with more than simply a badge.

How does the final design develop from the ideation phase?
The design begins to take shape during the ideation sketching phase, which is fast and loose to quickly communicate ideas. Within weeks, the designers are working on their own concepts with refined sketches and ideas. Of these designs, a few exterior designs are chosen to go forward. At this point, our clay modelers create 3/8-scale models of each of those designs. These are constructed of wood and foam, with a layer of clay that is sculpted to capture the essence of the design theme drawings. Of the finalists, one is chosen by the Head of Design, Ralph Gilles, along with company executives to go on to become a full-scale clay model, and, ultimately, the production vehicle. The winning design is followed through all stages of execution until production, by the designer who originally penned the concept. Chrysler 300 Repair Manuals,Chrysler 300 Service Manuals,Chrysler 300 Workshop Manuals,Chrysler 300 Maintenance Manuals,Chrysler 300 User Manuals

File NameLink
2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Owner’s Manual.pdf
2011 Chrysler 300 User Guide.pdf
Chrysler 300 Owners Manual.pdf
Chrysler 300 300C 300 Touring Dodge Magnum Body Repair Manual
2013 Chrysler 300 User Guide.pdf
2012 Chrysler 300 User Guide – SRT.pdf

And your design was chosen for the redesigned exterior?
Yes, my design was selected for the new Chrysler 300. The entire process is predominantly a team effort but I’m responsible for consistency and accuracy of the design theme. Many team members may contribute to various portions of the vehicle so I need to ensure that each component integrates with the whole car design.

What are some of the more notable changes in this model?
The two main areas of focus were creating a more impactful, proud front end, and infusing the entire car with an athletic elegance. We accomplished this in front by standing up the grille several degrees and enlarging it 30%, while the lower portion of the fascia received a wide, sculpted lower to confidently plant the front end. In the rear, we lifted and elegantly sculpted the lower fascia to reveal dual exhaust tips that speak to the 300’s athletic character. New, entirely LED taillamps were designed to resemble fighter jet afterburners when lit, further adding to the 300’s elegant yet sporty character. The distinctive Chrysler wing badge is now celebrated proudly on both the front and rear.

What was your biggest influence with this redesign?
The 1960 Chrysler 300’s bold face and “boomerang” taillamps were a great influence, I continuously referenced that vehicle’s bold presence throughout the design process. It resulted in a grille that is much larger than its predecessor, and proudly displays the Chrysler wing badge. In 300S models, the badge itself is surrounded by a grille texture that is inspired by the wing badge. That’s what the design of the 300 is all about. Its iconic, bold American pride is unmistakable. That’s the foundation of what inspired the final product.

Do you also design the different grilles and wheels?
The whole design team participates in wheel design. Designers sketch their ideas and hang them on the wall. We will then as a group, pick and choose which ones we feel will best complement the vehicle design. The more options, the better. The standard grille texture is a modified version of the Chrysler 200’s to maintain a family resemblance, but I designed the 300S texture inspired by the Chrysler wing badge.


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