Caterpillar 773d Haul Truck (OHT) Catalogue

Caterpillar 773d Haul Truck (OHT) Catalogue
Caterpillar 773d

Ergonomic Controls at the Operator’s Fingertips
The ROPS/FOPS cabin has electric power window, electro-hydraulic hoist lever, trainer’s seat, front brake cut-off switch, backlit LED gear numbers, and optional heater and air conditioner. The hoist lever is electro-hydraulic and fingertip actuated, providing low impact body-down snubbing.

Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) – Critical Data in Three Separate Displays

  1. Four-gauge cluster – coolant temperature, oil temperature, brake air pressure, fuel level
  2. Tachometer, digital speedometer, actual gear indicator
  3. Message center module

Contour Series Air Suspension Seat and Tilt-Telescoping Steering Wheel
Standard and fully adjustable, including an adjustable right-hand armrest. Steering wheel’s ergonomic grip improves comfort and control. Low effort steering system and foot-operated retarder reduce operator fatigue. Turn signal lever includes high beam actuator and electric windshield wiper controls.

Visibility in an Integral, Quiet ROPS/FOPS Cab
Exceptional all-around viewing area reduces fatigue and improves operator confidence and productivity. Cab is resiliently mounted and sound-suppressed for a quiet, protected work environment, and is radio-ready.

Truck Production Management System (TPMS) (Optional) Provides Payload and Cycle Time Data

  • Cat technology uses strut pressure sensors and on-board processors to determine payload weight.
  • Consistently accurate payloads improve efficiency by minimizing overloading and underloading.
  • On-board computer stores 1,400 cycles of payload weight, cycle times, distances and more.

Cat 3412E Air to Air After Cooled Diesel Engine
The four stroke design uses long power strokes for complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency. High displacement/low speed rating extends engine life and meets China Nonroad Stage II Emissions Standards.

Caterpillar 773d Automatic Retarder Control (Optional)
The ARC electronically controls braking on grade to maintain approximately 2,230 rpm (engine rpm is adjustable from 2,150-2,300 rpm in increments of 10 rpm). ARC is deactivated when the operator applies the brakes or throttle.

Caterpillar 773d Engine Overspeed Protection
With the accelerator depressed and/or ARC turned off, ARC will automatically activate at 2,475 rpm to help avoid potentially destructive and often costly engine overspeeds.

Truck Body Features

  • Sidewall and floor junctions use five-sided beams to resist impact loads and hauling stresses.
  • Box-section beams increase durability in the floor, sidewalls, top rail, corner and cab canopy areas.
  • 400 Brinell Steel wear surfaces provide excellent wear resistance and are easily cold welded.
  • Two-stage hoist cylinders raise in 9.5 seconds, lower in 12.5 seconds.
  • Standard Body comes exhaust heated with options including a full-time muffler or exhaust diverter.
  • Custom attachments include tail end liner, sideboards and more, to help ensure rated payload.


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