BYD G3 Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD G3 Owner’s and Service Manual

Thank you for choosing BYD G3A UTO. For better use and maintenance of your BYD G3, please do read this manual carefully. BYD G3 adopts electrical fuel injection (EFI) engine with complicated wiring structure. Please do NOT add electrical appliances, such as anti-theft systems, central controlled door locks, power window, audio equipment, etc. to BYD G3 without permission otherwise any failure caused by it will not be covered by the Warranty" of BYD. BYD G3 Service Manual,BYD G3 Owner’s Manual,BYD G3 User Manual,BYD G3 Maintenance Manual,BYD G3 workshop Manual,BYD G3 fault codes,BYD G3 wiring diagrams.

Overall Unit Parameters of BYD G3

Overall Unit Parameters of BYD G3

Vehicle Identification of BYD G3
Two vehicle identification number labels are posted respectively in the engine compartment and on the left upper side of the instrument panel as shown in the above figure. The vehicle identification number, which is used for user registration, is also marked on the manufactory nameplate 2.

Interior Switch Buttons

  1. Left Combination Switch
  2. Right Combination Switch
  3. Number Button 1, 2, 3
  4. Emergency Warning Light Switch
  5. Number Button 4, 5, 6
  6. Switch Group
  7. Temperature Knob (with rear defrosting button)
  8. Fan Speed Control Button (with wind input mode selection button)
  9. Wind Output Knob (with A/C button)
  10. Starting Button
  11. Power Exterior Rear-view Mirror Switch
  12. Rear Fog Light Switch
  13. Front Headlight Adjustment Switch

BYD G3 Replace Electronic Intelligent Key
Battery Replacement of the battery may damage the key. It is recommended to have BYD service station replace the battery. If you have to replace it by yourself, please use flat screwdriver and CR1632 lithium battery or equivalents.

BYD G3 Steering Lock Function
When the doors are locked through wireless remote control or microswitch, the steering wheel will be locked. When the key is in the car, if you press down Engine Start Stop switch, the steering lock will be released automatically. If green indicator on the ENGINE START STOP switch flashes, it means steering lock cannot be released. To release it, press down Engine Start Stop‖ switch and shake the steering wheel slightly. If the green indicator still flashes, it means the steering lock has fault and please contact BYD service station for help. For details, please see ―Start Engine‖ in this Chapter.


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