BYD F6 Owner’s and Service Manual

BYD F6 Owner’s and Service Manual

Thank you for choosing BYD F6. To help you use and maintain BYD F6, please read this manual carefully. BYD F6 adopts EFI engine, its wiring structure is very complex. Please do not install such additional device by yourself as: anti-theft system, central control lock, power window, speakers and so on, otherwise the failure caused by it will be not covered by the Warranty" of BYD. BYD F6 Service Manual,BYD F6 Owner’s Manual,BYD F6 User Manual,BYD F6 Maintenance Manual,BYD F6 workshop Manual,BYD F6 fault codes,BYD F6 wiring diagrams.



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BYD F6 owner’s manual
BYD F6 Maintenance and Owner`s manual

BYD F6 Safety equipment
Your vehicle is equipped with many safety devices that work together to protect you and your passengers during a crash. Some features do not require any action on your parts. These include a strong steel framework that forms a safety cage around the passenger compartment; front and rear crush zones will absorb the impact energy by crumpling in a crash, a collapsible steering column, and tensioners that tighten the front seat belts in a crash.

However, you and your passengers can‘t take full advantage of these features unless you remain sitting in a proper position and always wear seat belts. In fact, some safety features can contribute to injuries if they are not used properly. The following page explains how you can take an active role in protecting yourself and your passengers

BYD F6 Airbag Maintenance
Your airbag systems including front airbag and side airbag (optional) are virtually maintenance free, and there are no parts you can safely service. However, you must have your vehicle serviced if:

  1. An airbag ever inflates. Any airbag that has deployed must be replaced along with the control unit, seat belt tensioner and other related parts. Do not try to remove or replace any airbag by yourself. This must be done by BYD AUTO dealer.
  2. The SRS indicator alerts you to a problem. Take your vehicle to an authorized dealer as soon as possible. If you ignore this indication, your airbags may not operate properly.

Only trained personnel can do it. Prohibit removing airbag modules and seat belts tensioner from the vehicle. If the failure of engine flameout occurred or air bags inflated or seat belt tensioner worked, you shall go to a BYD AUTO dealer for repairing or troubleshooting.


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