Aston Martin One-77 Owner’s and Service Manuals

Aston Martin One-77 Owner’s and Service Manuals
Aston Martin One-77

The one-77 is Aston martin’s take on a definitive sports car, and one that epitomizes everything that the uK brand is about, from state-of-the-art technology to the all-new V12 and the eye-catching design. Aston Martin One-77 Owner’s Manuals,Aston Martin One-77 Service Manuals,Aston Martin One-77 User Manuals,Aston Martin One-77 Maintenance Manuals,Aston Martin One-77 fault codes,Aston Martin One-77 wiring diagrams.

From an engineering perspective, the one-77 V12 project was an automotive engineer’s dream come true. the brief was to make Aston’s V12 engine as ‘extreme as possible but right for the road’. yet, as highly motivating as such a brief was, with management setting tough targets for the powertrain team to meet, it posed serious engineering and technical challenges for the powertrain engineers, as highlighted in tables 1 and 2. there were, however, some unquantifi able targets during the project, as shown in tables 1 and 2. terminology such as ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ was used to encourage the engineering team not to stop when the engineering target was achieved, taking the V12 and the one-77 beyond the project’s set goals.

As an independent sports-car manufacturer, Aston martin is free from any corporate prejudice or skill-set bias that can build up in an engine design function over time. this gave the engineering team tremendous freedom to select the best skilled partner to deliver the new V12. It was judged that Cosworth had the best skill set and experience that would complement the Aston martin powertrain engineering team, possessed experience of delivering production engine designs and components, and understood Aston martin’s manufacturing and quality process functions. thus Cosworth, which had previously delivered the Vanquish s cylinder-head design, was selected as the engine-design partner for the V12 project.

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the benefi t of a good team cannot be underestimated, because it is that team and not technologies such as the best CAD and analysis packages that delivers the engine. the team was led by Aston martin’s Chris Porritt as the project manager, with design direction coming from Cosworth’s Bruce Wood. Integration into the one-77 was led by Aston martin’s.

Engine specifi cation It was clear from the start of the one-77 program that the basis of the engine was to be the 6-liter V12 that powers both the DBs and V12 Vantage models. this engine has a fantastic track record but perhaps even more importantly, it had considerable development potential. therefore the team set out to maintain as much of the original architecture as possible and only change features that enabled them to ‘make the V12 as extreme as possible but right for the road’.

the usual fi rst step with such a project was using 1D simulation to design the primary engine parameters to meet the performance targets. Because the basis of this engine was to be the Aston martin V12, there was a considerable amount of already-validated data, so a good level of confi dence existed in the model from the beginning.

the opportunity was the brief to examine considerably more extreme design options for this unique application. the modeling results led to the primary engine specifi cation in table 3, and this gave a power and torque curve that appreciably exceeded the targets – a good position to be in at the start of the design process!


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