Allis Chalmers B-series Tractor Service Manual

The governor controls the engine speed from idle through the full operating range. Idle speed should be no lower than 1000 RPM and top no load speed should be no higher than 3800 RPM. See illustration to adjust governor.

Allis Chalmers B-series Service Manual
The shorter spring keeps the engine on governor, even at idle speed. If moderate loads are applied at idle, the engine will not stall. First make final carburetor mixture adjustments. Then place remote control in idle position. Hold throttle shaft in closed position and adjust idle speed screw to 1000 RPM. Release the throttle. With remote control in idle position, adjust upper elastic stop nut to 1200 RPM.

Allis Chalmers B-series Repair Manual
Engine speed is controlled by movement of the control lever. To adjust: Move control lever to HIGH speed position. Loosen screw on swivel. Move wire through swivel until desired operating speed is obtained. Retighten swivel screw, bend loose end of wire around swivel. Cut off excess wire.

Allis Chalmers B-series Maintenance Manual every I00 - 300 hours of operation. If the engine operates at constant speed and at relatively constant load, the use of regulai automotive fuels results in a gradual build-up of lead deposits in the combustion chamber. This causes the engine to lose power and prevents the valves from seating properly. Removing the deposits is easy and will pay big dividends in reliability and increased valve I ife.

  1. Remove cylinder head screws.
  2. Turn crankshaft until piston is at top of cylinder bore and both valves are closed. Scrape and wire brush the lead and carbon deposits from cylinder head and combustion chamber.
  3. Re-use cylinder head gasket only if in good condition. Replace cylinder head. Turn each screw in with wrench until screw head is lightly seated.
  4. Use socket wench with 6 inch handle and turn I screws I14 turn. Tighten screws in sequence illustrated. Run engine approximately 5 minutes and retighten al I screws approximately I14 turn.

Allis Chalmers B-series STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS
Engines stored for over 30 days should be completely drained of fuel to prevent gum deposits forming on essential carburetor parts, fuel filter, fuel I ines and tank.

  1. Remove filter bowl, open shut-off valve and drain tank completely.
  2. Replace filter bowl. Leave fuel valve open.
  3. Operate engine until it stops from lack of fuel.
  4. While engine is still warm, drain and clean the oil sump. Refill with fresh oil.
  5. Remove spark plug, pour one ounce of SAE 30 oil into cylinder and crank slowly to spread oil. Replace spark plug.
  6. Clean dirt and chaff from cylinder, cylinder head fins and blower housing.

When your tractor is not to be used for some time, it should be stored in a dry protected place. Leaving your tractor outdoors, exposed to the elements, will result in materially shortening its life.

The tractor has a total of 5 grease fittings which require lubrication with general purpose automotive grease. Use a standard grease gun for the following fittings:

  1. Front Spindles - Fig. 1
  2. Steering Mechanism - Fig. 3
  3. Rear Axle Tube - Fig. 4

Before lubricating, wipe each grease fitting with a rag to prevent grit and dirt from being carried into bearings with new grease. The Starter-Generator was equipped with two oil cups requiring lubrication with SAE 20 motor oil. Apply 8 to 10 drops of oil every 100 hours operating time. DO NOT OVER OIL. See Fig. 5. On. later units, bearings require no lubrication as they are prelubricated for life.

Allis Chalmers B-series Tractor Service Repair Manual

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