Agrison ME1600 Operation Maintenance Manual

Agrison ME1600 Operation Maintenance Manual
Agrison ME1600

Thank you for your trust and love for our products. The Agrison brand series farm excavator produced by our Company is a small excavator based on mining operation and li fting loading and unloading operation. The design structure is compact, the dynamic matching is appropriate, the product has good stability and the cost performance is high. It can meet the mining and loading and unloading requirements under the different operating conditions of the plain, hilly and forest areas. It is also suitable for brick and ti le factory, kiln plant, river course, building, dredging and road construction. It is the most ideal construction machine for farmland operation and small engineering.

Agrison ME1600 User Manual
In order to master the user' s knowledge of the use, adjustment, maintenance, and maintenance of the machine correctly, give full play to the efficiency of the excavator, please read the maintenance manual carefully and earnestly implement the provisions in the operation maintenance manual. For the use and maintenance of the matching engine, please refer to the Engine Service Manual written by the auxiliary engine factory.

Agrison ME1600 Operation Manual
The operation section is the technical reference for the driver to use the machine. In the meantime, the driver uses the graphic and text control to guide the driver to use the correct procedure to check, start, operate and stop the machine. The operating techniques outlined in the manual are a basis. If the driver gets the knowledge of machine and function, he can improve his skills and skills

Agrison ME1600 Maintenance Manual
The maintenance part is a guide book for users to maintain the whole machine. The demo graph is arranged according to the time of maintenance cycle from short to long. The specific maintenance measures for machines and tools are detailed in the Lubrication and Maintenance Periodic Table. Users should maintain the maintenance items according to the requirements of the Lubrication and Maintenance Periodic Table according to the working time of machines

Under harsh, dusty or humid working conditions, the number of lubrication should be increased appropriately according to the running condition of the machine. In order to show some of the structural features of the machine more intuitively, part of the demonstration picture in this manual is set as a structural perspective, so there will be a difference from the appearance of the actual product. As a result of the changes in the mechanical structure and technical parameters of the vehicle caused by the technical improvement and not shown in this manual, please consult the Company for the latest product information of the product.

Agrison ME1600 Owner's Manual
Before using or maintaining the machine, relevant information should be approved. If necessary, it can be contacted with our technical service station. When purchasing spare parts, please explain the factory date and code of the excavator.

In order to facilitate your use, our Company has established a perfect "Three Guarantees Technology Service Network". If the quality problem appears in the proper use of the small Agrison farm excavator you bought during the warranty period, please contact the Three Guarantees maintenance service station of the local Agrisonexcavator in time.


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