Agrison BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger Operation Manual

Agrison BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger Operation Manual
Agrison BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger

Agrison BAC06 switch-type battery charger adopts the latest switch power components especially for leadacid battery recharging characteristics and design, suitable for lead-acid battery float charging (longterm added floating filling). The maximum charging current is 6A when the battery voltage is 12V the maximum charging current is 3A when the battery voltage is 24V.

Performance characteristics

  1. Using two stages charging method (first constant-current and then constant voltage), fully automatic charge according to the characteristics, can prevent from the lead acid cell overcharge, to the maximum extent increase battery life.
  2. Apply to 12V and 24V battery.
  3. With short circuit protection function.
  4. Output voltage and current can be adjusted.
  5. State LED display: AC power and battery charging indicator.
  6. Using switch power source structure, wide range or input voltage, small volume, light weight, high efficiency

Agrison BAC06 Battery Charging principle
According to the characteristic of lead-acid battery, 2 stages charging method, when the battery voltage is under default value, charging for constant-current, when the battery voltage is much higher default value, the charge current is decrease following by the charge voltage increase, until it preset float voltage, then entering in float mode. When in float mode, the charging current gradually reduce, and charging with constant voltage.

Voltage Adjust
In the field voltage, disconnected from the output voltage, measure the output voltage of the charger, adjusting voltage potentiometer (VOLT).

Current Adjust
Output connected with battery, surely that the battery voltage is under than 24.0V (12.0 V), adjusting the current potentiometer (AMP), setting the proper charging current. According to the current potentiometer can estimate the output current size scale.

Agrison BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger  Operating instructions

  1. Terminals L and N to content AC220V, use BVR 1mm2 with multi strand copper wire.
  2. Terminals BAT+ and Bat- to connect battery “+”, “-“ pole, use BVR1.5mm2 with multi strand copper wire.
  3. POWER: Power indicator, lit during normal working.
  4. CHARGING: Battery charging indicator, lit when charging current is more than 0.3A.
  5. VOLT: Battery voltage adjusts potentiometer.
  6. AMP: Charging current adjust potentiometer


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